Short Shorts Season


The painting was done to memorialize the opening of the Broadway hit show, Jersey Boys. Bob Gaudio, an original member of the Four Seasons, was also an original member of the Royal Teens the group that wrote and recorded the song Short Shorts. I was an original member of that group and therefore an old friend of Bob Gaudio.

The cars depicted in the painting were the first cars owned by the Four Seasons. Check out the License plates, you can see the initials on them. The red and white Ford down the block was my car, and that is the car that Bobby and I wrote Short Shorts in. 14″ x 18″ oil on canvas.

Limited edition autographed prints available upon request. Regular unautographed prints $250.00, note cards (pack of 10 cards with envelopes) and “Seasons Greetings” holiday cards (pack of 10 with envelopes) available for $30.00 per pack plus postage.